The $4 Million Dollar Man

by Corey

So is everyone worth exactly $4.5 million dollars in the NHL now? It seems like the free agent and restricted free agent class of July 2011 was treated to a healthy dose of “here you are, average generic hockey player man.”

Let’s take a look at the average salary of an NHL player since the lockout. (source: the internets. These aren’t my numbers. I’m so bad at guesstemating)

2005-06 $1,460,000
2006-07 $1,708,607
2007-08 $1,906,793
2009-10 $2,283,000
2010-11 $2,400,000

So that number is going to go up, right? Especially with all the cap space being added, forcing some teams to actually have to marry up with players to get above the cap floor. For a league that doesn’t get much financial respect in the media, and with a few teams in limbo ownership wise, they keep making money and they keep spending it.

I just find the $4 million dollar figure to be a little weird. I haven’t done the advanced thinking into the strategy of it. Maybe its because everyone is tradeable with a $4 million dollar cap hit. Maybe Darcy and the rest of the general managers in the NHL were caught in a causality loop, and they’ve sent the number four back in time to give them a clue as to how to prevent their imminent demise. Hell if I know.

Sekera and Ellis are on the team. Yay! I guess. We’ll find out when they start playing hockey again. Sekera could be really good if he plays really good (Hello everyone, I’m Joe Theismann.) Ellis will work hard under any and all conditions.

Ehrhoff and Leopold are expected to be offensive contributors. What if Sekera figures it out, for like, 65 games next year. The Sabres could wheel and deal from the back end awfully well.

It is turning into one of those seasons (on paper.) If certain players hit their stride, and if things fall into place, the Sabres could be a very dangerous team.