Summer Project

by Corey

This is what you should do in the off-season while you wait for hockey to restart.

This American Life – Game Changer

Or you could watch this.

We have an obligation to know what will be funding our recreational pursuits. Terry Pegula made all of his money in gas extraction. The Sabres may be able to raise the Stanley Cup because this guy can do this to his water.

You probably already know this. I’m just going to constantly remind you.


  1. Not Terry Pegula

    Come on, those cases are few and far between and are the exception to the norm. They occur when a crack in the cement-poured casings happens. The companies are fined heavily and must pay to fix the situation for these home owners. Let’s keep some perspective here.

  2. Mike

    Maybe this is just me, but I don’t see any moral issue with my money going to the Sabres even given this. Is my water on fire? No. Would it be unpleasant if it were? Yes. Perhaps this makes me coldblooded, but unless it’s Hitler or Stalin owning the team, not much is going to deter me from rabid, unequivocal support. I lived through John Rigas for heaven’s sake and he was a complete scumbag. It just didn’t matter to me.
    I think if anything, it shows how uncomfortable some in Buffalo are with really just enjoying their good fortune without reservation. There’s nothing wrong with it I guess, but I am just not going to live waiting for the other shoe to drop, especially when it’s something I enjoy as unreservedly as my Sabres fandom.