RoostCast Episode 41: Where Corey Takes Crap For Picking His EPL Team

Ryan and Corey talk about the Buffalo Bills upcoming year and getting past the state of the organization to just watching football. Also, Ryan gives Corey junk about picking Liverpool FC as his EPL team.

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The Tracks
The Beatles – Got To Get You Into My Life
Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out


  1. pjf-usrt

    Heh! A Wolves reference on the Roost, my life is complete.

    Oh, and another weird thing about fans storming the field after the final match – Wolves had lost the game 3-2. Imagine that happening after a loss over here for anything. And I still have the match on my DVR.

    Let me introduce Corey to his first EPL smack talk here: Wolves may be one of the little guys struggling to survive in the EPL, but we did go to Anfield last season and walked out the victors.

  2. Corey

    I’ll return fire when I get my bearings. TENTATIVE SMACK TALK: I’m going to call your team the Dickwolves.

  3. Wolverhampton smack AND Penny Arcade jokes? This is why we CAN have nice things.

  4. Mike

    Still having trouble getting into EPL. Loved playing soccer, can’t so much get into watching it, but I think it’s one of those things that you can’t really do unless you watch with a ton of other people who are also rooting for your team. Fandom trumps the actual sport, whereas I prefer to do most of my sports watching solo, or at least with little social interaction.
    Corey – A note about Liverpool – you may already know this and I apologize if you do, but “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a showtune from Carousel that was adapted by Liverpool. It had been repopularized in another version in the early 60s when it was adopted by Liverpool. Incidentally, the whole showtune connection was a reason that I chose to (nominally) support Tottenham. I hate musicals. But if you’re interested, Pink Floyd samples the Liverpool “Kop Choir” singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in their song “Fearless” which then goes into some of their other chants.