RoostCast 39: We Could Get Used To This

Over the past week or so, the Buffalo Sabres have added Robyn Regehr, Christian Ehrhoff, Ville Leino and the Rochester Americans as their AHL affiliate, re-signed Drew Stafford and Nathan Gerbe, circumvented the cap and became big money players in the NHL.

So Ryan, Chris and Corey invited Katebits from The Willful Caboose and Paul from Hockey Rhetoric over to talk about all that. And they recorded it.

There’s some swearing mixed in throughout, so be warned.

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That’s the full conversation; we’ll have it broken up by topic a little later.

The jams:
“For the Love of Money” — The O’Jays
“Brave New World” — Iron Maiden


  1. Jeff C

    I’ve never listened to your podcast before so I gave it a shot today. I have to say, I enjoyed it — until you called me a racist, that is. I hate Obama because he’s black? No, I hate Obama because he’s a socialist and a fool ignorant of the basic laws of economics. He’s the Peter Priniciple in action, in over his head and bereft of any leadership skills. But sure, I hate him because he’s black.

    Stick to hockey. You’ve lost a listener (and a reader) in the meantime.

  2. I’ve never listened to a podcast of any kind, but that lineup has me thinking about it.

  3. Corey

    Jeff, God bless you for getting that far into the podcast, first of all.

    I’m the one who made that comment. I’m sticking to it. If you don’t hate the president because he is black, and you have complaints on the grounds of principle and political ideology, then that is a good thing. I can see how you could get pissed at me for saying it because you think I’m saying it about YOU. I know too many people who do have a problem with him because he is black. Its a real thing, so I said it. IF that isn’t you, then the comment does not apply.

    What did you think about Leino? Me personally, I think its a pretty big gamble. He’s getting No. 2 center money and expectations, a role which he never played before on the NHL level. Whit that said though, I do love the aggressiveness out of the Sabres now, not only in acquiring people but in the type of players they will take a risk on. Its a hell of a lot riskier than if they had signed Richards.


  4. Steve

    While I appreciate the Sabres aggressiveness in the market, I still don’t feel you can judge Darcy Regier on this offseason until he actually acquires a true centerman. The defensive additions are solid to the point where you are heavy in that department. Let’s see if he can couple one of those pieces someone up front in a trade to bring in the other large need on this team. Connolly not being retained is great on the basis that it’s Connolly but trying to plug Boyes and Leino at center seems a bit goofy if use can use some areas we have in abundance to pick off a true center.

  5. PKB

    Holy H, I stammered through that entire thing.

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