Randomized Loathing

by Corey

So Ryan, his girlfriend Erika, Chris, Jay, and I are hanging out at a local eating establishment… Ah what the hell, it’s the Buffalo Roadhouse Grill. It’s equidistant between all of us. Anyway, we’re hanging out there and eventually start talking about Joe Buck. I’m not quite sure how we got there.

Naturally the first thing you think of when you discuss Joe Buck is how everyone loathes the guy. Maybe its because of his monotone delivery I like William Shatner cause I’m a Star Trek honk, so that doesn’t bug me so much.

BRIEF ASIDE: We need to talk about how good Chris Ryndak was today, people. Somehow he managed to walk into the grill with Erika by chance. When we pointed this out to Ryan in jest, Chris busted out the best nonchalant player’s smirk n’shrug I’ve ever seen. The kid has sick comedic timing.

But it seems like the hatewagon is filled to the brim with those who despise Joe Buck. All he does is simply call games (or get annihilated by Artie Lange.)

Folks, if its hate you have stored in your system, drop a little of it on baseball writers, not announcers. I’m talking here exclusively about missing the biggest story in baseball in the last 40 years – steroids. You can take a look at the big roll of excuses right here if you like. Listen, beat writers are the only ones around the room long enough to understand what is going on. Many people had suspicions about what was happening in baseball, yet no one really intervened. Yes the BALCO story made it easy for writers, well, except when the evidence is sitting on the shelf in front of you.

The biggest home run hitter in the middle of the biggest story of the year is taking a steroid banned in multiple sports. I don’t care if it was legal in baseball at the time, it was clearly not cool in spirit based upon the reaction to the steroid era. You mean to tell me that no one bothered to follow this up until the feds kicked down the door at BALCO and basically laid it out in plain sight?

Now I’m not killing all reporters here, but to say that writers couldn’t have known is complete crap, because a writer did know and wrote about it in 1998. No one followed up. That’s an institutional failure on a grand scale.

What else sucks about this is that a lot of the folks who missed this gigantic roided up elephant in the room are still writing and deciding who gets in out or who stays out of the hall of fame. There are no consequences to missing this story for so long for them, yet the players who were caught can probably kiss the hall of fame goodbye – even though its years after the fact.

How do any writers have authority to judge who goes into Cooperstown now? But no, Joe Buck is the problem.


  1. I have plenty of hate in my heart for baseball writers who ignored steroids along with everyone else until it came time to cast Hall of Fame ballots when steroid use suddenly became the end of all civilization AND seemingly joyless Joe Buck. That’s how I roll.

  2. Mike

    Yeah, what Heather said. What did it for me with Joe Buck was when he was calling a Monday night game the season after the whole Janet Jackson’s nipple thing. Randy Moss scored and after he scored, took the time to fake moon, like just a pantomime, the Packers fans at Lambeau. Anything other than laughing it off would be ridiculous. Joe Buck’s response was “THAT WAS A DISGUSTING ACT BY RANDY MOSS.” No it wasn’t Joe. Just chill. You could tell it was an entirely manufacture outrage. Not saying that people in Joe’s position aren’t fake. He’s just a ridiculous person.