Quit It

by Corey

I get it. Soccer will never be a major sport in America. You know what else won’t be major in America anytime soon? A firm grasp of algebra.

We have arrived in sports, for some time I think, at the point where your enjoyment of an event must be related directly to its importance and relevance to the economic growth of its parent sport. What the Christ? If there was any time in our history where I wanted nothing to do with economics in my entertainment and hobbies, it is now.

The Women’s World Cup Final was a great game to watch. No, the United States did not win. I can live with that. My sports heart has gotten a bit callous over the years. What I really have a hard time living with is the immediate examination of the ratings, sales, and impact the game will have on the future of the sport.

The World Cup is not the only thing that got the Wall Street treatment either. The MLB All Star game has been basically buried under a pile of Nielsen ratings. Everybody may be right with every terrible thing they say about the All Star Game. People bring tons of heat to either see the game change or go away completely. Yet, The City gets to stay on the air. I hate television.

Look America, stay the hell out of my life when it comes to watching sports. I need none of you telling me that what I am watching is below average entertainment. Two and A Half Men was a top T.V. show in the U.S. forever, which tells me a lot of you were deprived of a lot of oxygen at some point. Get out.

I love the social media revolution that has taken place over the past five years, but all that it has done is made it easier to communicate. When you communicate crap en masse it transforms from a tremendous tool into a horrific appendage of stupidity.

Let me watch my sport, whatever it may be. Please. Thank you.



  1. James

    I’d love to hear what people think qualifies as a “major sport”?

    The Seattle Sounders average more fans per home game than any NHL or NBA team.

    The Mexican National team regularly fills up NFL stadiums when they play in the US.

    Tickets were sold to people in the US more than any other country outside of Germany for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

    The Champions League Final was broadcast over the air on Fox.

    The USWNT is all over TV and print right now.

    Over 10,000 fans will come out to see a pro women’s soccer game tomorrow night in Rochester.

    What is the mainstream press’s definition of a “major sport” again?

  2. James

    Check out these attendance numbers:

    MLS avg attendance in 2011: 17,526 [via Sports Business Daily]
    NBA avg attendance in 2010-11: 17,319 [via ESPN.com]
    NHL avg attendance in 2010-11: 17,126 [via ESPN.com]