I Totally Forgot About Football Almost Kinda

by Corey

I cannot say that I have checked out completely from the NFL, even during the often maligned lockout that will end up in absolutely no football being lost. I paid attention to the lockout because I was halfway interested in some of the legal aspects of the proceedings, and I was interested in people saying stupid things. As a guy who writes stupid things, I’m looking mainly for company.

It also doesn’t take much to remind me that I don’t really hate this current Bills team. I know, right? The team I root for isn’t completely despised. HOLLA BACK BUFFALO GET LOUD. Dudes like Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Arthur Moats are players I can get behind.

Now that this whole CBA is being taken care of for now, training camp approaches and we stand on the precipice of an average team. We won’t know anything about anything with this team until… what… week 8? Who the heck knows how any of the season will progress? The Bills lost, by an accurate scientific count, 438 games by less than three points combined last year. They were not that far from 8-8. That is both exciting and frightening because they weren’t that good.

I am however prepared to watch football again. I don’t actively find something else to do on my Sundays. I’m not asking for much, people. Be halfway likable and be in games. The bar has been set so low for football expectations here and I don’t really care. Jesus I just don’t want to gouge my eyes out every Sunday.

Can we do this for this one year, Bills? Can I watch a football game that features my chosen representative and not hate myself for it?