Going In

by Corey

I’ve been a bit of a loser lately what with all the hate and bitterness and just downright depressing takes on sports recently. Such is my destiny. As a history major, you usually gloss over the salad days and roll up your sleeves when stuff goes wrong. Sometimes my training bleeds over into my sports perspective.

With as gloomy as the future of the Bills are, and as environmentally unfriendly a way as the Sabres came into their money, sports in the end is about the fun times and escaping from the daily junk.

I was actually kind pleased with the previous season of Bills football. The players were likable and the football was surprisingly exciting for a 4-12 team. They threw touchdown passes and everything that real teams do! I’m kinda down with that. If they’re terrible, what the heck, right? Like we can’t have fun anyways. So no more crap about Ralph Wilson or the future of the team now that training camp has started. Blinders on. Let’s go.

That being said, I don’t have high expectations in terms of wins. The defense by all accounts should still be terrible. The offense will be channeled through a quarterback that not many count as good. What does this leave us to look at then?

There are two things that are going to determine a lot with the Bills.

1) Ryan Fitzpatrick – Can he be a halfway decent football player? Is it practical to expect him to have a season like he did last year, where he came from nowhere to be serviceable.

2) Marcell Dareus – It sucks to make a rookie pick up a bunch of the defensive slack, but when you suck, you suck. Let’s see if the kid can stop the bleeding.

We will get into both of these fellers as camp continues.

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  1. Mike

    I was a history major too. What I always took from it was that the very sublime, best parts of humanity come from awfulness. You have to step back and look at the big picture.
    For example, from my revolutionary war class, one of our last discussions was whether or not the fact that slavery was allowed by the Constitution basically damned the whole thing or not. There were people who felt very strongly that this was the case. I argued passionately against these people. My point? Even if it didn’t outlaw slavery, the Constitution helped provide a strong intellectual and political foundation for its ultimate abolition. Also, if the North had insisted on abolition of slavery, the South would have walked away and possibly formed their own country. The United States might not have survived. The US was in a far better position to force the issue when the Civil War was fought than it was from the outset.
    My point is that you have to take the longview. As far as hydrofracking goes, it may be awful in some instances. What good can come out of it? Both as a process for gaining energy and for Buffalo sports fans? How much would it really mean to have a championship for the city of Buffalo? Would it help turn the city’s fortunes around? Are the effects of hydrofracking as deleterious as some other ways of getting energy? People are being slaughtered, oppressed and hatred is being forged in the Middle East largely because of oil. That strikes me as being far worse. Hydrofracking could be another Love Canal, but I don’t think it is. All those things and the priorities I place on them has informed my decision. I realize my priorities may not be the same as others, but at least I’m comfortable with where they are.