Getting Out To The Ballgame

By Chris

It figures that I would pick the weekend of the most intense heat wave of the summer to go to my first Bisons game of the year. But that’s where we stand as I’m heading out to Coca-Cola Field tonight.

I always tell myself I’ll go to more baseball games than I end up going to. That’s a problem that can only be solved by doing. Talk doesn’t get you into the stands. I’m sure if I lived closer to the city I would get to more games, but distance has never been an issue when it comes to Sabres or Bills games.

It might be the length of the season. Having 70-ish home dates doesn’t do much to instill a sense of urgency about seeing a game. A procrastinator like me will always look to put off going because there’s another homestand next weekend

But tonight, I finally make it out to the ballpark. And why, specifically tonight? Well, in addition to it being nice out and suddenly having a lot of free time on my hands, they’re giving out replicas of the Aud. The plan is to get there early, buy a ticket and stand in line.

I went to the game a few years ago where they handed out models of the old Rockpile, but I didn’t get there early enough to score one. No way I’m making the same mistake twice if I can help it.

There isn’t a whole lot going on in the sports world right now. The situation with the NFL is annoying, the NBA lockout isn’t all that interesting (yet), the worlds of golf and tennis are quiet and we’ve reached the point in hockey off-season where the free agency market has cooled and we’re waiting for training camps to heat up.

So it’s as good a time as any to hit up a Bisons game. And watch more baseball in general.

Maybe I’ll see you at the ballpark tonight. Hopefully I get myself to a few more before the season ends. After all, there are still a bunch of games left.

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