Can We Get This Right?

by Corey

Look, I ain’t trying to fade you. I just want us to come correct on the record. Today is not French Connection day. Do you know why today is not French Connection day? It is because Gilbert Perreault, perhaps the greatest player to ever put on the blue and gold, was a freaking center, that’s why.

7/14/11 does indeed include all of the numbers of the French Connection – Rick Martin’s #7, Rene Robert’s #14, and Perreault’s #11. The problem is that they are out of order.

If you are going to do this in a proper fashion, you have to construct this date as tribute at the positions they played. Martin would be on the left, Perreault at the center, and Robert on the right, which would make the appropriate date three years out – or 7/11/14.

I know we are super enthusiastic about the team right now, and that is completely cool. I don’t hate the motivation being showed by the fanbase here. There is some good moxy out there kids. That, as they say, is nice compete. But it ain’t pretty.

For a pretty line that dazzled, the least we could do is put things in proper order. Let us not in our enthusiasm get sloppy. Mark your calenders for the coming date of French Connection day, which is three years out.

Buffalo Sabres, feel free to do something on that day if you like. The kids would really go for it.