by Corey

I had forgotten how the Bills ran their business, mostly because I checked out of their last season around October. They do not do things as the Pegulas have attempted to do.

Folks may have a hard time adjusting between the management styles of the Sabres and the Bills. Odd that the team that acts like the big market team is playing in the weaker league. We know how Ralph Wilson likes to ball. He hates coaches and thinks they aren’t worth the time. The team has decided that economically they must count all player expenditures against the cap, forgoing loopholes that allow other teams to spend more. This, tied with selling games to Toronto, increases the revenue stream of the team without placing an onus on the team to spend more.

Then along comes the CBA, with a not all that understood revenue sharing scheme and a requirement for more teams to spend a higher portions of their cap space. What ends up happening is that the Bills have nearly 30% of their cap space to spend on orders from the NFL.


(What am I, Western Union now?)

Think to yourself, what would the Sabres now do with that space (spend up to and over it) and what would the Bills do? Previous experience tells us they will over pay for a player on the current roster and try to use accounting to get up to the cap rather than make more space. Think about that. The Bills use accounting to take space away from themselves.

Why am I excited for football again?