RoostCast 37: Hockey Wrap-It-Up

Corey and Chris discuss the Sabres Blogger Summit, journalistic instincts, what blogs could (and couldn’t/shouldn’t) do with credentials, the end of Chris Drury’s career, Roberto Luongo and head-shots.

They also try to figure out why Gary Bettman gets booed everywhere he goes and, more importantly, why the league keeps letting him show his face in public. We thought it was interesting enough to share.

Be aware that Corey swears a few times (and by a few times, we mean a lot of times), so consider this your not safe for work disclaimer. Also, be warned: We talk for a long time.

This is the download link. The download link is clickable.

We jam to:
“Poets”- The Tragically Hip
“Tron OST” – Scherzo