Us Kids Know

Friday night was a fairly monumental moment in the history of The Goose’s Roost.

Since the Roost is nothing more than a few million words stored on a server somewhere, I’m not at all upset that you missed the occasion. In fact, what happened may not really mean anything at all.

Sometimes it’s tough to tell just when things change. A demarcation point is helpful but often hard to determine. Disney made it easy by shooting Bambi and ruining your childhood, but after that things get much more difficult to judge.

When are you finally ready for real life? For responsibility and all of those things that come with big boy pants?

I have no idea, but I do know sitting in the press box at HSBC Arena with Chris a few seats down from me was a ‘moment’ on Friday night. Almost four years ago we were complete strangers that happened to make up 66% of a sports blog.

Friday night, Chris was doing me a huge favor and grabbing quotes from Ryan Miller while Pat LaFontaine interrupted my interview with Thomas Vanek to congratulate him on a great game. There we were, covering the Sabres like we were actually supposed to be there.

Oh and Corey was there too, just for good measure. Throw in the good news that Jon got a shiny new job in Albany and I’d say the last few days have been pretty good for the founding members of the Roost. It’s weird to look back to this place’s origins and think about how things have changed.

I don’t think one notebook and a column does anything to the way I think about the Sabres. What I’ve learned about press box hot dogs and the locker room in postgame is a very different thing from what I’ve done here over the last four years.

A few minutes after 11 p.m. on Friday I wasn’t any different than I’ve ever been, but it was a clear turning point in my mind. The more I think about it, it’s not that things were going to change but the realization that things already have.

That on it’s own is pretty cool. I’m happy with the way things are going, and despite the big day covering the Sabres isn’t the thing that sets my demeanor. Don’t get me wrong. it helps, but the rest of the package, the big picture stuff suits me too.

Maybe I needed Friday to show me how far we’ve come, but I have a feeling things are going to keep on changing.


  1. Sabresfan88

    I was pretty excited for you when I saw the request from your editor. Sorry I didn’t have very much free time to congratulate you when I saw you. Hope to see you back though.

  2. Mike

    You guys have always done a really professional job with this site – frequently even more professional than the so-called big boys, which is why I come here. Keep up the good work.