The Quiet Storm


by Corey

Tyler Ennis turned on the microphone, lowered the lights at the disco, and informed all the party people that he was going to slow it down right now. The fans of the Philadelphia Flyers who packed the Wells Fargo Center on Friday night we’re looking to bounce. They wanted to get loud. Ennis reached for some Boys II Men and got the couples to the floor. With that singular swing of his stick at 5:31 of overtime, Ennis became The Quiet Storm.

I had been, and continue to be, very concerned about the development of Ennis’ game. There have been many points over the course of this series where Ennis has been channeling the worst of Maxim Afinogenov. There are instances of him stick handling into traffic and refusing to put the puck into the corner for retrieval. It looks like he is looking to take on the entire Flyers defense by himself, when this team has a dearth of players who can facilitate the scoring of others. Still, the guy is a plus 3 (by comparison, our hero Thomas Vanek is a minus 5.) He has three points in the series and a rather important goal. Think of how good Ennis can be if Lindy tazes the Max out of him and gets him to play smart offensive hockey. Like, the dude could be consistent and stuff.

One thing that I don’t think can be questioned about Ennis is his urgency. It was revealed in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals last year against Boston when his speed and desperation were in stark contrast to the rest of his teammates. Now it seems that the rest of the team has raised their games to his level for the most part.

The game is such a curious one at this point because of how it transforms itself once it crosses that barrier from regular to post. No explanation is necessary; we all know how it works. I just find it strange that the sport I love the most functions in such a way so that the team that is freaking out the most with anxiety and panic in their motivation (i.e. OH MY GOD WHAT IF WE DONT SCORE HERE I MAY NEVER PLAY AGAIN AHHHHHHHHRRRRGGGGHHHH) can actually overcome a squad with more talent. It’s probably why we watch in the end. It’s probably why this series has been so entertaining. Desperate times, man.


I always did like Danny Briere and I still do. I still wished he played for this team, and I wish Larry Quinn and squad had not obliterated the roster in that summer of ’07. He plays for the Flyers now (what, you didn’t hear? Well it was in all the papers!) Its really chic now to just kill Briere for all of the things that he does now as a Flyer that he did when he was a Sabre. What? Fancy stick work you say? Slashing and blasts to the package? No, Briere was never like that when he played for our team!

Everything that Briere is doing now for the Flyers he has done for the Sabres, so the hypocrisy of Sabres fans is pretty fresh right about now. It’s sports, so the foundation of the fanbase is built upon hypocrisy and being a homer. I can’t even hold it against people, really. I mean, I’ll point it out when it makes us sound like stupid idiots, but I don’t expect it to stop nor do I expect common sense to make a reappearance for sometime. Wishing Kaleta was Nasty McNasterson for an entire year, then cursing the likes of Briere for being not even as dirty is hella stupid. Why am I even making this point, right? It’s Chinatown, man.

Instead of seeing Briere for the Flyers and spitting on the ground every time his name gets mentioned, I wished he still played for us. The dude is good at hockey.

What The Christ, News Organization?

This got my blood straight up flaming last night.

Seriously, what the hell? You saw this coming? What kind of garbage head in the sand thinking is that, from the official handle of the self proclaimed “Voice of Buffalo” no less? Yeah the Flyers were coming in the second period with all sorts of pressure and got the game to within one goal. However, I didn’t know what the heck was going to happen next.

Yeah, I work at one of their competitors. Id be writing this if I still worked for their sister station, WGR, because it’s bullshit.

This whole season is supposed to be about believing. At least thats the kind of shit I’ve been hearing around town lately. I didn’t at first. Now I don’t know what to make of this squad. They have surprised me in this series with their tenacity and their composure. That tweet just oozes with the kind of defeatist thinking that resides within our subconscious. I’m getting pretty sick of that kind of crap, to be honest. To completely crop and re-purpose a phrase from Rick Pitino – “Pierre Turgeon ain’t coming through that door.” This squad of Sabres does not have to reside in the wallows of our cities sports failures, and I don’t need a big league player in the radio market backing up the old school bile.

Twitter is not where we go for balanced analysis, so its probably my fault for expecting more out of the local talk radio leader. Maybe it was just a poor choice of words in an emotional game, and maybe I’m reading too much into it. Whatever. This team has shown to me they have some different stripes, even from just a few months ago, and they should be given the chance to prove otherwise to everyone else. If you purport to be the voice of the city I live in, and then drop some quit on me, I think I have an obligation to point out you suck.

That tweet shows who panicked last night, and it wasn’t the players on the ice in blue and gold. Fuck that noise.

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  1. Douglas

    once again man, i love the way you write and every post you have i thuroughly enjoy and i can’t echo enough what you’re saying. thank you for doing what you do. you’re the man