The Enemy

By Chris

On Friday, the Sabres clinched a playoff spot. Now they know their first round opponent. It’s an old, familiar foe. There’s a lot of postseason history with the Philadelphia Flyers dating back to the 1975 Stanley Cup Finals.

The last time Buffalo and Philadelphia met, this happened:

So that’s pretty cool. But since I get the feeling that a lot of attention will be paid to that 2006 quaterfinal match-up, here are some feel-good highlights from 2001.

The playoffs are here again and anything can happen. Being anti-an entire city for the next two weeks or so is one of the best things about this time of year. Having that city be Philadelphia right now is even better.

We can talk tale of the tape later, but for now, let’s work on boycotting everything orange, cheering for Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang, finding a way to make sure it isn’t sunny and speculating as to why Will really moved to Bel-Air.

I will not be listening to the musical stylings of the Bloodhound Gang or, as much as it pains me, Hall & Oates. Ben Franklin is now officially my least favorite Founding Father. I will not watch an M. Night Shamaylanayanwanfeushfvmnvan movie.

And oh, by the way, Kate Gosselin is from Philly. If that’s not reason enough to loathe that city, maybe you can come up with something better.


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  1. Mike

    It’s funny that we’re playing the Flyers because the last time I remember anyone feeling this good about the Sabres was the 05-06 season. It was different in 06-07 because the Sabres had to deal with expectations that came with winning the President’s Trophy. This year, there’s just a good vibe and the younger players, as in 05-06 are bringing it.