You Could Be the 7th Man

By Chris

The Sabres have announced that, in addition to inviting back every single alumni for the team’s final home game on April 8, they are introducing a new fan-orientated award.

Here’s what they have to say about “The 7th Man” award:

All attending alumni will be honored in a pre-game on-ice ceremony that will also include presentation of the 2010-11 Sabres MVP, Rookie of the Year and Hardest Working Player awards. In addition, an online vote will provide Sabres fans with the opportunity to make their choice for “The 7th Man” – the team’s Fan of the Year Award. Details of the online voting process will be announced shortly.

These are all things real franchises do.

So what does this all mean? Well, for one thing, I wonder who the most random Sabre that shows up will be.

Another thing is that we here at the Roost are looking to endorse someone for the Super Fan award. Let’s flood the ballot box.

Right now, I think this guy is the front-runner:

Any suggestions? I think we can do a series of these. Let’s have it.



  1. You know who’s not invited. Slava Kozlov. Why? Because Fuck him, that’s why.

  2. Good to see some new tricks by the new management.

    Re: the fan award. Personally, I am not a fan of the #1 fan award unless it goes to a sick kid or wounded vet. I don’t need fan-mascots like this dude at the Caps games: , we already have Sabretooth (one of the best in the league). I like going to the games for the team, not an over-hyped (and somewhat annoying) fan.