This Gruel is Very Adequate

I’m using my day off to get a new phone and fix my car, but you should come join some of us for tonight’s game and have some fun.

I have some thoughts brewing on the Sabres but I really just wanted to use that GIF becuase I think Adventure Time is a really great cartoon. In fact, between Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time and Regular Show I think there are some really solid cartoons on air right now.

Maybe I put too much weight in animated television shows, but I think it’s really impressive how they have evolved over the last few years. Adventure Time has very specific physics and logic that is fascinating to me, and I wonder how I would consume that show if I was a few decades younger.

Actually, I’m sure I would love it no matter what age I am.

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  1. Kris

    Adventure Time Rocks. My husband loves it (49), I love it (45), my daughter loves it (16) and my son loves it (10). It is timeless.