Third Man Picked

By Chris

You’ve probably heard that Cam Newton was in town to visit with the Bills. Six months ago, he wasn’t in the conversation of top draft-eligible quarterbacks and suddenly either he or Blaine Gabbert could be the top pick in the entire draft.

Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix have both said they won’t take a quarterback unless there’s a can’t-miss, franchise guy there. Obviously they’re not going to tip their hand until draft night. Chan wouldn’t even tell poor Ed Kilgore what they were going to have for dinner. So speculate away.

What we do know is that when the Bills are ready to step up to the podium at No. 3 on April 28, barring any trades, there will only be two players not available for them to choose from. Every other player is on the table. Technically, they could draft pretty much anyone.

There are going to be major issues and questions that come with every player. Can Cam Newton overcome the one-year wonder talk? Why was Blaine Gabbert so bad in college? Will Da’Quan Bowers’ knee hold up? Will Von Miller be on time? Why isn’t anyone talking about Robert Quinn?

I wouldn’t anticipate a lot of draft coverage here until after the picks are made. There are sites and outlets that do news and knee-jerk reactions much better than we can. I’m sure we might chime in from time to time if there’s something to be said, but, for me personally, guessing what the Bills are going to do doesn’t seem worthwhile.

Nix and Gailey will do their homework. They know the team has a ton of holes. Last year, they took C.J. Spiller, the player they had pegged as the best player available. It wasn’t about need there. It was about getting a player who they project as a perennial Pro Bowler. Quarterback technically isn’t a need either, but if they value any of the players on the board highly enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took that guy.

Personally, I’d rather see them go defense and draft a player who can help the pass rush and can stop the run. Now will I be unhappy if they go in another direction? Probably not. I’ll be curious to hear their thought process but I’ll still give the new front office the benefit of the doubt. These aren’t the same guys who drafted Aaron Maybin.

Chances are the experts are going to flip their boards around a few more times before all is said and done. We’ve still got about a month to go before the Bills will make their first pick and nothing really matters until Roger Goodell announces that selection.