by Ryan

Allow my friend Will to tell you how I feel about Sunday night’s Sabres game:

Excuse me for a lack of outrage, but this is the same feeling I had on Tuesday when they couldn’t manage a goal against Cam Ward, and the same thing last Saturday after the Sabres’ third period implosion against Toronto. These things happen. So it goes and all that.

Let’s call a spade a spade: Sunday evening was an outright disaster. The wheels came off, ground control lost contact with Major Tom and the Sabres were completely stunned on their home ice. Bambi’s mom ran out onto the ice and was gunned down by a dude from St. Paul. I don’t know, things got hazy at the end there.

Ryan Miller sprinting out of the building and not being available for comment afterward is probably significant, but you know what? I’m struggling to find concern for this team anymore. This is quite the stunning conclusion when you consider the recent body of failure and the way we all thought about this team just a few months ago.

Looking back on my favorite post this year is a pretty good indicator of just how low things were around here back in October. I have no shame in linking back to something that now simply doesn’t apply to this team anymore. In fact, the reason we all felt so little hope for the Sabres before the holidays was because we felt stuck. Stagnant. Like nothing would ever change.

And then everything changed.

So no, I’m not really worried about the Sabres. They’re going to make the playoffs, it’s going to be an interesting ride and then once the season is over things will keep on changing. The first month of the Terry Pegula Era has been full of overwhelmingly positive change. I’m sure they will slip up somewhere along the line, but the earnestness the franchise now carries in practically everything they do is enough for most fans right now.

Despite the late-game pyrotechnics, it’s hard to shake the feeling that something special is starting to happen here. Maybe not now, but the autumn claustrophobia we all had is long gone and it feels pretty damn good if you ask me.