Seeking Only The Most Qualified

By Chris

Despite the players’ union in all-out lockout mode, the NFL is still hiring. You just may not have the skill or experience required to collect a paycheck from the Miami Dolphins.

From the NFL’s job opening site. Believe it:

So if you think you can hack it, hold on. There are strict responsibility guidelines you have to follow and qualification standards you must be able to meet.

They’re not just looking for experience here. They want perfection. You need to have the chemistry of cotton candy down and you’ve got to have solid hand-eye coordination. And they can’t stress that “excellent customer service” line enough.

And don’t try and slip past them because there’s still one all-important question you must answer when you submit your resume:

No word on if it’s a full-time gig or not, but if you’re our one reader who’s an expert in the confection of cotton candy, I hope you’re able to pack your bags and take your talents to Miami.

Thanks to my friend Sam for the link.