NHL Trade Deadline MegaChat 2011

We tried this last year and thought it went pretty well, so here we go again.

Any posts about trade news and other things will go below this one. Feel free to join us, we should have a lot of people chatting with us today. Thanks to all the other sites that are helping us out today, it’s going to be a lot of fun going through the chaos with you guys.

We also have a number of Twitter feeds automatically updating in there so we get the very latest from accredited news sources. No Eklund anywhere in sight here today.

We open shop at 9:30 a.m. on Monday and we’ll go for as long as it you’re willing to talk.

UPDATE: We’re done for now, but if you’ve got more to say, have it at in the comments.

And here are a few resources you may want use throughout the day:

NHL Numbers: A great place for a look at other team’s salary cap and individual player cap hits. Hopefully it won’t crash.

CapGeek: Similar to NHLNumbers but a little more in depth.

Hockey Reference: An easy-to-use site for player and team stats.

Behind the Net: Great advanced statistics site, if you want to really get involved today.

NHL Standings: Pretty straightforward, really.