Call your shot: An inevitable outcome

By Jon

I have to admit: the fascination over the Twitter accounts of The Daughters Pegula is, well, fascinating.

It’s obvious the teenage girls’ interaction with Sabres fans (during a time where their dad has — understandably — said little) has been innocent and, more importantly, endearing. They’re ready to embrace everything the team means to the area, and it’s added to the intrigue of Pegula Day. And that’s good.

But in an instant, 300 followers turned into 1,000 and 1,400, and you knew it was a matter of time before the MSM was going to swoop in and try to make it bigger than it is. And that’s bad.

I could go through and Fire Joe Morgan every single sentence of the Channel 4 package linked above. But I’d imagine it’s bad karma for someone who likes to write, and to be honest, it would probably be a little too easy.

This much is certain, however: There will be a day — sooner, probably, rather than later — when those Twitter accounts will come down, likely on daddy’s order.

It might be when Pegula Day is over and Terry formally takes over. It could come at the trade deadline, when one of the girls mentions a specific player and some overanxious “journalist” reports it as “sources close to the owner.” God forbid, they might pull an Etem. Maybe they’ll spill the beans on what’s really in frack fluid.

I don’t know how it will happen, but I’m almost certain that it will happen. So let’s make a game out of it.

Call your shot. Pick the day when the Pegula girls’ Twitter accounts are pulled/privatized/go dormant, and post it in the comments.

Winner gets street cred, and a mention on this blog (which should go a long way toward canceling out the aforementioned street cred.)

We’ll go with Price is Right rules, and we’ll call it if there are no new tweets for seven consecutive days. If that’s the case, the date of the last tweet will be considered the winning day.

I’ll kick things off: April 3, an arbitrary date close to the end of the regular season.

(Sidenote: Do you think Terry has any clue his daughters are tweeting a storm? Is he hip to social media, or is he in for a big surprise?)