1. I suppose the obvious answer is that they’re better when Ryan Miller is good.

  2. Jay

    Just good enough to be 8 points out of playoff spot.

    I’m such a crank.

  3. Becky

    Not very good, even though the optimist in me persists in seeing “half-full” when in reality it’s more like “almost empty” as far as long range hopes for the season go.

  4. ScottyMCSSProSportsDaily

    The glass is half full?

    Well, after playing 40 games, the Sabres have gulped down almost exactly half their schedule. More like choked down.

    What they do have to show after 40 games is 39 points. That’s very small earnings, especially considering the team hasn’t been through a gigantic 10+ game losing streak this season. They just consistently lose.

    The playoffs are only part of the conversation, however.

    We should soon hear about new owenership – if Terry Pegula indeed buys the franchise, the teams’ coffers will be overflowing with gold. New ownership means new bodies as well. The regime that has been Darcy Reiger, Lindy Ruff, and the “core” of Roy et al should start saving up boxes for the movers.

    Also, with 39 points, the Sabres are in a curious position of being just 8 points out of a playoff spot, while also being just 2 points out of the bottom 5 overall, which would qualify them for the draft lottery for this year’s #1 pick.

    A sea change has been in the wind for a long time, so long that the smell of it has made the team and the HSBC arena a very stale experience.

    New ownership will bring new direction to build this “system” and this team, ongoing, towards a hopeful championship, or it will tear it down and put something new together.

    Of course, the team may not change hands at all. Golisano just might like to keep this band of choked up hockey cadavers in his freezer. And we already know what that smells like.

    39 points.

  5. brian s.

    Depends on the night.

  6. dorry

    ruff has done well with what reiger has given him to work with. there has never been an accomplished scorer (s), a punishing defense. all they ever really had is hasek and now miller, pretty much everything else is ahl quality. cheap owners with the exception of the knoxes. gms except muckler that had little or no vision and a fan base that says wait till next year for 40 years. WTF do you expect, a stanley cup. even with new ownership that gives a damn it’s probably 3 years til a contender

  7. Philip

    Better than they’ve been the rest of the season. A fluke occurrence in Denver not happening would see them on a five game winning streak. I know, they’re playing like they ought to be.

    And this is without Roy.