Welcome to Excuseville

by Corey

Well, now we know what will be said.

WECK 1230 AM’s Nicholas Mendola tweeted (or twitted, which I still prefer) this bit ‘o news early on Christmas Eve.

Roy has a torn quadriceps tendon. Va Tech LB Barquell Rivers same surgery in March. Didn’t play this year. Doing more research now.

The injury was suffered during the Sabres 4-3 loss to the Florida Panthers on Thursday, December 23. It was a double dose of terrible, that game was. Not only did the team lose at home to Florida, who managed to tie the Sabres in the standings while still having games in hand with the victory, but the lose their top (and arguably their only) center. In 35 games played Roy has 35 points and was averaging almost 20 minutes a game. Poof.

The injury is serious in itself. I mean, it just sounds awful and painful. Along with that, whatever offense the team had has now been vaporized. I’m sure Jochen Hecht will fit into that center slot nicely. This team does not have scoring depth, they cannot sustain the injury, and this is a serious situation for the playoff hopes.

Should they have had any? When we get to the end of the year, we will hear from management about how bad the absence of Roy hurt them, and that you can’t lose your number one center and survive. This is true, but besides the point. The Sabres were eight points out of a playoff spot with him. The Sabres hadn’t won more than two games in a row with him. The Sabres were 21st in scoring and 20th in power play scoring with him. This team was bad with him.

I need all of you to do me a favor. When this season comes to a merciful conclusion, don’t buy any of the garbage you will hear about how the loss of Roy cost them the season. The Sabres were well on their way to blowing it with him completely healthy.

Or maybe the Sabres will do something about all of this. Who knows, right? We live in hope.


  1. Agreed. I don’t think that Roy was a legit top line center anyway, more a one and a half liner. I hope the injury doesn’t hide the fact that they need more talent on the top two lines, period.

  2. Jerk

    You better believe they will be rolling out that excuse………… unless we have a new owner and GM! Praying…