Two Great Goals, One Great Cause

by Ryan

Since today’s Bills game looked something like the above, let’s talk about soccer for a bit instead. Saturday mornings are fun when they involve Samir Nasri. Just a pair of absolutely fantastic goals yesterday. Good lord.

Rich, Chris and I may differ when it comes to rooting for EPL teams, but we all have one favorite Buffalo-based soccer team and they need your help.

Go help Nick and the boys out by designing something really cool so I can buy it. Hey man, I’m just the writer here. After you’re done helping Nick, shoot me an email and we can get started on a few projects I have in mind as well.

Or just watch Nasri dance across the pitch a few more times. Whatever suits you best, I suppose.

One Comment

  1. kyle schlaich

    top of the table eh buddy!

    i took a shot at designing something for FC Buffalo.

    ive tried contacting nick about nufc and fc buffalo before, but no response… ive recently opened up a print shop with my dad and another graphics guy. we are downtown delaware and chippewa at minuteman press, and prob have the most competitive prices in buffalo.
    anyways, i was looking to get an opportunity to help promote some footy around town, and would defo hook you up with any sort of promotions you might have.
    let me know man