RoostCast Episode 25

Corey and Ryan are back in another exciting adventure. In this episode, the pair discover a dangerous mystery at the abandoned amusement park. That and they talk about the weather for the Bills game this Sunday. Fun times for all!


The Tracks:
The Beastie Boys – Root Down
The Cars – Just What I Needed

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  1. Total brain fart on my part: last time the Sabres played San Jose at home was the game after Flight 93. Probably my favorite post of all time came out of that game, but it was also a wacky one. So I was half right.

  2. CriminallyVu1gar

    I was at that Giants game too! It was awesome. I remember looking to the west and you could just see the apocalypse clouds rolling in. And then God was like, and thou dollar store poncho shalt be useless. And verily it came to pass…

    Awesome. I love the weather, I always go in December when I go.

  3. CriminallyVu1gar

    Also, the last time the Sabres played San Jose at home, it was to end the big losing streak last season on February 13th. Sabres won 3-1, and Dan Boyle whined after the game about losing.

  4. Phil @ BBG

    Actually, the last Sharks @ Sabres game before Thursday was 2/13/10, the one year anniversary of the Flight 3407 game. I was there in 217, row 1 celebrating my one year anniversary with the girlfriend. The Sabres off to the Olympics were honored during a pre-game ceremony.

    Now you know…

  5. Phil @ BBG

    Dammit my goofy /gijoe tags didn’t show up