Ready to Rock

by Ryan

I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas if that’s the kind of thing you celebrate. Since I’ve been wrapping presents deep into the night I thought I’d say a few words before I pass out.

– I only become a somewhat decent gift wrapper after I do 15-20 presents to warm up. By then, I’m out of gifts and Christmas is over. There are a few ways to fix this, I suppose, but I’m too poor to do any of them.

– If you came here looking for a distraction, take a look at this piece I wrote a few years ago. It’s one of the more personal things I’ve ever written but I think it really gets at the heart of what we do here.

– On a much lighter note, I’ve been watching Tom and Jerry for a few hours now and the continuity issues from episode to episode are pretty astounding. I know that’s the point, but still..

In other words, I’m really tired. Hopefully I’m awake and watching people open these gifts in a few hours. Merry Christmas everyone. Tell me about the best thing you got this year (or any year, really) in the comments if you want to hang out.