Oh Yeah. Hockey.

by Ryan

What’s the most exciting thing about the first Sabres game in over a week? Why, the return of Scott Arniel, of course!

“It’s nice. I have great memories here,” Arniel said this afternoon while preparing to face the Sabres tonight. “This city, there’s lots of family, friends and lots of people over the years that you grew up with and got to work with. I got my first sort of gig in the NHL with Lindy [Ruff], working with him, so I certainly have a lot of respect for him and what him and Darcy [Regier] have done here.

“It’s the game that’s most important, and it’s our 20 guys against their 20 guys. It’s nice when you go against guys you know on the other side, but again it’s about making sure that we win.”

Actually it’s Rick Nash, who is pretty good at hockey if I remember correctly. Not going to lie, I’m actually not too jazzed about tonight’s game compared to the buzz of potential ownership change we got to ride this week. Maybe the Sabres play a solid home game and give people something to talk about other than who wants to drop $175 million on the Sabres.