Into the Record Books

by Ryan

This is Mike Hollis.

When I think about today’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, I think of him. Eventually. It started by thinking about the Metrodome and the last time I could remember the Bills playing there.

It was an overtime game and Drew Bledsoe was at the helm for the Bills before things fell apart. There was also a ridiculous field goal involved somewhere in there. To Google I went.

September 15, 2002. Bledsoe threw for 463 yards (!) and three touchdowns in a 45-39 overtime win at the Metrodome.

Field turf wasn’t invented yet and Mike Hollis kicked what felt like a 79-yard field goal to send the game to overtime, then Bledsoe found Peerless Price streaking down the middle for the winning touchdown in the extra quarter.

I completely forgot about Mike Hollis. I forgot that he ever existed, let alone played for the Bills. What I do remember, however, is how much fun it was to watch that game. The fact that it came to mind while I thought about today’s game against the Vikings put a smile on my face: That’s the kind of football the Bills are playing these days.

We all know what happened to those Bledsoe teams eventually. Defenses figured it out or the offense slowed down. Either way, they never really got anywhere after all. That sounds very familiar to Bills fans these days: Fun to watch but ultimately not going anywhere with the current group of guys.

So yeah, I’m excited about today’s game. I think Steve Johnson will bounce back and I’m interested in finding out if Kyle Williams and the Bills defense can force Favre to make mistakes. It could be an awful game and I’ll regret writing all of this, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing another shootout like the “old days.”

You know, 2002.