This is Your Sabres Preview

by Ryan

I want to show you something:

So here’s the story: My girlfriend’s family used to own a sporting goods store. Her grandmother has an attic. She was looking at things in that attic a few days ago and found this along with a few sweatshirts. They all had the tags on them. From 1993.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the chance to wear that. It even has the sleeves you’re supposed to roll up to show the gold underneath. I’m going to feel like Zack freaking Morris wearing it. It will be awesome.

I honestly haven’t seen a Caps game this season, but I think we know what to expect from Washington these days. Alexander Ovechkin will be really dangerous and some people will boo because they think it is fun. So be it.

Games against the Caps always seem important to me because so much of the Washington blogopshere is on my Twitter feed. Maybe it’s just another game, but I’m sure by 10 p.m. I will hear a few dozen takes on what just happened on the ice.

I still don’t know what my thoughts on the Sabres are just yet, but tonight is a big opportunity for Buffalo to finally get things together on home ice. Put it this way: Vancouver isn’t going to be any easier, and the closer we get to Thanksgiving with the Sabres winless at home, the harder the climb gets.

And we need to have a talk about Thomas Vanek.


  1. dani

    You guys rock so hard.

  2. Heh. Vanek may have just obsoleted your talking-to. 😀 What a goal.

  3. I think you scared Vanek straight, Ryan. Like the parent who just has to give you a certain look. Good job!