The Eleventh Hour

Veterans Day is not an American holiday. No nationality can claim such a concept.

Thank a Veteran. Buy them some Timmy Ho’s, at the very least.

The poppies that those descended from the English Empire wear commemorate the First World War. Where the soldiers fell in France and Belgium, many of them never to be found, the poppy flower was almost always found. It became the symbol of a lost generation of youth in a war that quickly lost its meaning once it began.

When you play Call of Duty or Modern Warfare please keep in mind that the goal is not to win war, but to not fight it at all. We will have won when we no longer require veterans.

Rancourt Cemetery - The Somme


  1. SueInVirginia

    Well written post. I am a veteran who so wishes that people thought more about starting wars!

  2. Was this Corey’s post or Ryan’s? Either way… awesome.