Open Question: Do The Sabres Suck?

by Corey

Just tossing this out there before the Sabres and Leafs get at it tonight. The thought occurred as my wife, my sister, and I were strolling through the mall today (which was perfectly fine – I didn’t see an AK-47 anywhere.) My sister was wearing her store fresh Jordan Leopold third jersey when a small Canadian made the case that his favorite hockey team was better than my sister’s hockey team. He rooted for the Leafs.

The common perception is that the Leafs aren’t really any good, and my sister promptly reminded him of this to no avail. I promptly reminded her of the standings and that we were in a poor position to argue.

I guess my question is: how terrible is the team we all root for? We are on the other end of Thanksgiving, so we should all have some sort of opinion.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Enjoy the game tonight.


  1. Jay

    They’re pretty much a .500 team since 7-1-07. No better, no worse. And not the stuff a Cup winner is made of. Welcome back everybody to 1988.

    It doesn’t seem to matter really how any backup goaltender plays (and save for one brutal error last Saturday, the goaltending the last 2 games has been good enough to win, if not at least get points)– they generally don’t win when Miller is out.

    There’s not enough space to discuss how much some of the forwards on this team are overpaid.

    On pace to miss the playoffs for the 6th time in 9 years. But management continues to sell everyone that the right people are in place. Guess NO ONE IN HOCKEY could possibly at least equal the job the GM has done the last 3+ years.

    Everywhere but the cash register, they are a mess.

  2. dorry

    yeah, management sucks. connolly leads the list of players that should have been sent anywhere else but here.

    i do like the pee wees, gerbe and ennis. lots of heart and grit. hope they are not poisoned by the elders.

    will miss the playoffs and hopefully will not sign the deadbeats that are on the team now.

  3. brian s.

    Maybe, but still not as bad as the Leafs or Islanders.

  4. They do not suck, no. They probably are fairly average especially on the offensive end. They also got off to a very bad start in a league where ground isn’t easy to make up. I don’t think a playoff spot is out of the question though.