Oh My God I Can Feel My Brain Inside Of My Skull

by Corey

courtesy AP

Three days of rest and drainage and I believe that I have recovered from a nasty cold that took a grand tour of my respiratory system. During that time the Bills won and the Sabres won twice, all at home. Like, holy crap.

In flight music selection

Ryan mentioned this in the latest RoostCast, and it is completely true – we got into sports to have fun. I got into sports to have fun and feel good. I don’t like when people fail. I want people to succeed. So when Thomas Vanek turns himself around and starts to take over games, I feel good. When the Bills finally win I feel good for the guys on that team, many of whom whose athletic reputation matches the reputation of the team to the national media.

I’ll put some more thoughts together once the meds wear off, but it was a good weekend for local sports. Maybe we should just shut up and enjoy it for a change.