Memories, a Song and Expectations

by Ryan

The last time the Bills played the Steelers at the Ralph was one of the most frustrating days I’ve ever experienced as a football fan. I still hear Drew Bledsoe talking about how “mad” he was while the Jets lost the game that would have put the Bills into the playoffs.

Buffalo didn’t belong in the playoffs that season, that much is obvious. But what hurts the most about that game is all these years later, that’s as close as they have ever got. It’s depressing and sad and frustrating and all of those emotions that have become synonomus with Bills football over the last decade.

But hey, this is supposed to be fun. Make me smile, Nick Mendola!

I’m hoping the Bills are at least competitive today, and I’d love to see how the offense does against the Steelers blitz packages. The offensive line is something that this team can still see plenty of progress with this season, and time to throw is essential to Fitzpatrick’s success.

The last two weeks have been nice because the Bills have won, sure, but most importantly they have been fun to watch. That wasn’t true when they played the Packers or Jets, but if they lose a fun game against a good Steelers team, that seems like enough.

Are our expectations really that low, or is that the right things to ask for today?