Filling the Nest

by Ryan

I suppose I should explain this.

If you’ve been with us for a while you know the creation myth of the Roost. I tangibly knew Jon who knew Chris, and the three of us started the site on a whim. Rich came along a few months later through me, and then I sort of took things over from there. 2600 or so posts later, here we are.

We are certainly not in the habit of adding new members, so I guess we should explain how Corey Griswold got added to the group. The short answer is actually pretty simple: he asked.

Over the summer, Chris and I met Corey through Brad Riter. Corey and I got to talking, and we did the “watch sports together in public” thing all the kids are doing these days. Most people know Corey through his work on WGR 550, but once or twice he mentioned how much he wanted to write.

I told him he should start his own blog, and he scoffed at the idea. Somehow he didn’t believe anyone would read what he had to say and asked if he could join the Roost. Twice.

The truth is, I laughed both times. Somehow, Corey simultaneously thinks no one knows who he is AND what we do here is interesting. I think exactly the opposite of that. Clearly the hope here is that our extreme lack of self confidence can balance the site out a bit. Or something.

So that’s that: Corey is going to write here from now on. He’s not a special guest or “WGR 550’s Corey Griswold.” He’s just Corey. He’s a very smart guy that has opinions about sports and pop culture, and if you’re not a corpse he will make you laugh.

He seems pretty excited about writing here, and we’re glad to have him. I have no idea what he will say, but I don’t have to. Hopefully you hear from him a lot, and we have more posts and podcasts for you to enjoy from now on. You can email him at corey [at] thegoosesroost [dot] com if you ever want to talk to him, or find him on Twitter.

As always, thanks for reading. We’re glad you keep stopping by.