Charles Barkley Turrible

This was in front of me at the Sabres game tonight:

I’m pretty sure you know my thoughts on Frankenjerseys, but this one is pretty unique if you ask me. A Tyler Myers/Henrik Sedin mashup that had her cheering after every goal. So um… thoughts?

Oh, and about that hockey game. Let’s talk about that soon, okay?


  1. Becky

    I saw her walking around and my first thought was “How could you ruin 2 perfectly good jerseys?”

    Great game, especially the ooooooooovertime!

  2. Brian

    Too much time on her hands.

  3. robert

    really what a waste

  4. You’re gonna submit that to PD’s Jersey Fouls, right? The rest of the world should have to suffer too.

  5. Wow that will certainly win a Jersey Foul!!!!

  6. That is quite possibly the worst Frankenjersey I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t even roll off the tongue like some do. Myedin? What the hell? It sounds like a new prescription drug.

    Myedin is not for everyone. Please consult your doctor before taking a Myedin regimen. If you experience an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, contact your doctor immediately.

    Take back your life. Experience Myedin today.

  7. brian s.

    I don’t like these jerseys at all, but you have to admire the craftsmanship of this one. She’s the first to actually line up the name and Reebok symbol. The letter “E” in the center is perfect. That said, she deserves to be mocked mercilessly for creating this let alone wearing it in public.

  8. PKB

    Myedin looks like she’s pretty hot.