Yellow Horns and Missed Chances

by Ryan

This was the first of many tape-delayed viewings of the season, so let’s go with some bullet points buffaloes and get right to the home opener tonight.

In true throwback fashion, the first ten minutes of my game feed were watched in silence thanks to technical difficulties. I know everyone had this problem, but it’s nice to see the fortieth season will be sure to honor vintage MSG audio problems. Can’t wait for “retro” night, also known as someone forgetting to flip the switch and put the game on instead of an old boxing match no one cares about.

Worst television deal ever.

I really love that the Sabres section at Kanata stood out so well. I don’t care if it’s an elaborate publicity stunt for those blue and yellow water buffalo hats or not, those are awesome. We should see a more concentrated effort for fans visiting other arenas to wear those things. Much better than the chicken wing hat.

This has been said by pretty much everyone else, but those white jerseys look NICE in high definition. I still prefer the Winter Classic whites, but this is a suitable alternative to the muck we’ve dealt with the last few years.

I think this season will be full of “I’m surprised Craig Rivet is playing so well right now” comments from a lot of people. Very few people really knew just how hurt he was last season and how long he played hurt, and that really was a big reason why he played so poorly. Rivet anywhere near 100% will be a boost for the Sabres, so you’d have to think he has a better year.

A lot of people characterize Thomas Vanek as lazy, but I’ve never thought that. Rather, I compare him to a striker in soccer. He conserves his energy and tries to be in the right position at the right time. When the opportunity is there, he takes it.

That said, he has the chance to be a really, really good striker this year. Last night he was all over the ice and had a ton of chances. He missed a dozen chances to score and I’m still excited about what he can do this year. If he starts to cash in, he could be a monster. Or, you know, a Greek god.

Derek Roy is pretty good at hockey.

The letdown goal to end the second period was oddly refreshing to see. It reminded me that I was watching Sabres hockey. They played 39 minutes of good, smart defensive play, and one bad read changed everything. Suddenly those missed chances on offense stung worse and you could feel it start to slip away.

Man, it’s good to be back.

One Comment

  1. Ogre39666

    That characterization of Vanek always bothers me; mostly because it’s complete BS. I don’t get how anyone could label a guy who takes abuse from D-men and pucks to the body living in front of the net as lazy (not to mention he’s really developed into a great back-checker).
    I’ve seen him get hit in the helmet by a slapper, fall down, get back up, collect himself and find the puck, and go right back in front… but no, he’s lazy because he doesn’t score 40 goals every year!!1!