Autumn Blockbuster

by Ryan

David Duprey of the Associated Press, take a bow. That’s a pretty spectacular photo right there. It’s the kind of photo that is edited to have explosions going off in the background and used in some sort of summer action movie poster.

The game was awful, but at least we can admit that Cody McCormick is a decent fighter. We haven’t had one of those on the roster in some time, and maybe that’s a good step towards not being “soft” or any of those other words we throw at teams that don’t stand up for themselves.

Kaleta sure isn’t going to morph into a fighter. In fact, he seems to be devolving into the worst kind of hockey player after last night’s rodeo show. We all know Kaleta isn’t loved by the other 29 teams in the league, but that circus was a pretty difficult thing to swallow if you’re wearing blue and gold.

No one is disowning the Angola native after last night, but it’s hard not to see Patrick Kaleta as the epitome of the all bark and no bite Sabres we’ve grown used to watching. No one is panicking after four hockey games, but the Sabres haven’t done much on the ice after saying all the right things off of it.

There are plenty of games to right the ship and a chance at “redemption” on Saturday night. The team will win more than one hockey game this season, and we aren’t supposed to take anything away from the first hand full of games. Still, you look for indicators, for signs that things might be different with this year’s squad.

So far, there isn’t much to find other than that photo.


  1. Mike

    I’m pretty sure there is a “Kateta” in there.
    Anyway, what Kaleta did doesn’t really bother me, but I acknowledge that I don’t have the greatest of reasons. He successfully drew the penalty and I think he was doing ever he could to spark the team when they literally had no pulse. That is why he gets paid (less than almost anyone else). I am not a fan of him leaving his feet and he has to get way better about that if he wants to have a career that won’t end in him either being knocked out by another player or becoming the next Bertuzzi. But like or not, what he does is part of the NHL. Why shouldn’t the Sabres have one? The NHL isn’t a perfect world and while it may be more noble to take it out of the game, everyone knows that won’t happen tomorrow, so why not make the most of it?

  2. Wally

    I agree that kaleta is turning into a Chris Neil type and I hope some of the veterans Darcy brought in this summer have a deep conversation with him about this. That leaving the ice business is very unsettling considering the hit on pommers the last game.

  3. I kind of said this on twitter today, but I think Kaleta’s behavior was particularly embarrassing in light of Ryan Miller’s passionate argument that the “culture of hockey has to change”. I didn’t agree with every word that Miller said in the aftermath of the hit on Pominville, but everyone in the hockey world respects him (including me), and his word carries a lot of weight. Kaleta makes Miller look bad by behaving like such a tool in the GAME IMMEDIATELY AFTER Miller suggested that “defend your own” isn’t necessarily the best way for the NHL to operate. Diving and headbutting are gross, and they put Kaleta squarely in the company of the league’s most notorious tools. Mike makes a good point- pests are a part of hockey….but personally, if I could press a button and make that part of hockey go away, I would.

    And it would all be a lot LESS embarrassing if the Sabres could SCORE ON THE POWERPLAY. At least, then, Kaleta’s antics would be serving a purpose.

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