The Stick

All this talk about banners and we haven’t even talked about the one that matters. Tonight the Stanley Cup Champs are in town. Well, kind of.

The Blackhawks are a very different this fall, but I think there is something special about playing last year’s Ring-holders. Mythical or not, there is a swagger that comes with success that is hard to ignore.

It’s a swagger we’ve never had in Buffalo, and maybe that’s what makes it so fascinating. And envious. What does it mean to beat a Stanley Cup winner?

Well, exactly the same thing it means to beat the eventual Cup Champs in the regular season: Nothing. It is a measuring stick with obscure markings, calculatable only in your own head.

Still, it’s a test you want your team to pass. There is still Kane and Toews and Sharp; and they still have a pretty good goaltender between the pipes. The Chicago Blackhawks have a lot to be proud of, and envious franchises like the Sabres will be trying to knock that pride out of them all season.

There isn’t much you are supposed to take away from Game 3 of the season, but it is an interesting notch on the stick this team could etch in early.

Hopefully, they’re up to the task.