That Was Unexpected

By Chris

We pretty much expected the Bills to leave Baltimore with an 0-6 record. What we didn’t anticipate was the most entertaining game of the season so far.

There’s no question that it’s been a rough year. The Bills have been tough to watch — to the point where suggesting a UFL team could beat them only sounded like a half-joke.

It’s easy to feel a lot better about the team heading into the game against Kansas City. The team may still be hard-pressed to pick up its first win, but the offense finally showed some life. Maybe it was the Genius of Chan Gailey finally coming through.

Now I’m not ready to hop on the “Blitz for Fitz” bandwagon. Ed Kilgore, Jeremy White and Nick Mendola may be thinking Pro Bowl or calling off the quarterback search committee, but I don’t think we’ve seen enough from Ryan Fitzpatrick to justify any of that just yet.

The numbers from Sunday speak for themselves, but the front office is still trying to figure out exactly what they’re working with. Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey have pretty much written off the last three years, meaning that the evaluations they make this season heavily outweigh anything that’s come before.

That’s why Trent Edwards was the starter coming into the season and was then subsequently released after Week Three (Prediction: Three years from now, we won’t view this as “Trent was the starter all the way through camp then got benched and then was released because the front office didn’t know what they had” but rather “the front office cut Trent Edwards after Week Three because they watched him play in real regular season games and thought he was the worst quarterback in the league”).

Only what Buddy and Chan see with their own two eyes counts here. And looking at just this season may help Fitzpatrick’s cause. Maybe Fitzpatrick should have been in sooner, but the Bills are such a mess right now that it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference this season. There are more holes on this team than it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

The defense is throwing up all over itself and C.J. Spiller fumbling that kick return didn’t do the special teams any favors.

So maybe having a quarterback in place in Fitzpatrick would make it so the team can address other positions of need. Could Fitz be the guy? Maybe. Quarterback is still a need, so based on what we’ve seen this season, passing on Luck, Mallett or Locker (all possible upgrades) would draw heavy criticism — especially after Ralph Wilson declared finding a quarterback the franchise’s top priority.

I want to see more out of Fitzpatrick and I hope he sticks around past this season. Even if the Bills draft a quarterback early, there’s no guarantee they’ll put the rookie on the field right away. Fitz may prove to be a competent, reliable starter and as Sully puts it, a “bridge to the future.”

We’re all ready for some wins now though.

And remember that the best case scenario for Fitz has twoeightnine redesigning his “Franchise Quarterback” T-shirt. We’ll just have to see how it all plays out. We’ve already waited this long.

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  1. Boucher

    Come on 4,000 holes is a little much rindy