1. Mike

    It’s obviously the new uniforms. We need to go back to the slugs, stat.

  2. brian

    our defense needs to step up in front of miller…they have been hanging him out to dry!!

  3. brian s.

    – Trade Vanek, Roy, Connolly, and Hecht. They’re bums who will never amount to anything.
    – I’m also pretty sure Butler and Stafford can be traded for Iginla or someone else of that ilk.
    – Ruff, Reiger, and Quinn all need to be fired and new management brought in to finally bring in some real players who will work hard and hit people.
    – Bring up Adam and Kassian – the team needs big bodies who won’t back down to anyone and can score since the team on the ice now is a bunch of pansies.
    – Someone who will actually be at the game and spend to the cap should buy the team from Golisano, lousy cheapskate.
    – Sign Myers to a 12 year contract so we don’t lose him like Drury and Briere.
    – Speaking of, I’m sure both of those players and Campbell can be had for a song and would instantly turn the Sabres into a Stanley Cup champion if they come back.

    *Note the heavy sarcasm in the above. They really need to buckle down on defense and start controlling the puck more like they did last year. It’s pretty pathetic to watch a puck bounce off Myers’ stick halfway across the ice when he’s receiving a pass, for example.

  4. Salty T

    Start growing playoff beards now for team unity.

  5. Ogre39666

    Stay the coarse and trust “the system”. Also the D needs to support a puck-possession game better.

  6. Tom

    What’s Teppo up to these days?

  7. Jay

    1. Play your 6 best defensemen each night. (Of course, that can be difficult when the guy wearing the “C” is about the 7th or 8th best now)

    2. Fire Tim Connolly.

    3. See if it’s possible to get Atlanta on the schedule an extra few more times this season.

  8. Becky

    Go back to the goat’s head uniform – they won more wearing black and red.

  9. brian s.

    Heather: They won’t bench Rivet unless a trade is imminent and he’s leaving. Ruff has stated in the past that when he was captain and was benched he felt like he wasn’t a leader of the team anymore and asked to be traded. A week or so later, he was on the Rangers. Having been there before, I don’t believe he will put Rivet in that position.

    Salty: With Miller it may need to be mustaches instead of beards.

  10. Salty T

    If they go mustaches they could raise money for prostate cancer this month

  11. SueInVA

    Tank the season so that they can draft a young super center like the Hawks and Pens did!
    It seems to only way to get one!

    (I’m sort of just kidding here!)

  12. keller

    Don’t you miss the days when Scotty Bowman would hand out bus tickets to Rochester after shitty performances?

    Here is how to fix the problem….get a time machine…untrade sean odonnell for doug houda.

  13. brian s., I know there’s no way Lindy will ever bench Rivet, and I get where he’s coming from. But what SHOULD they do? Bench Craig Rivet.

  14. Mike

    I agree with Heather. Lindy needs to realize that it’s not 1989 anymore. Ted Sator (or was it Rick Dudley?) is no longer the head coach. Craig Rivet is not one of the best 8 defensemen on this team and he has never lived up to expectations as either player or as Captain. Bench him. If his little feelings get hurt and he wants to be traded, then so be it. Try to accommodate him. I don’t want to hear any more excuses of why Rivet’s play is so godawful.