Happy Halloween

by Ryan

You would think having the Right Hand at right wing would help the Sabres through its current struggles, but alas:

Oh Jesus Stafford, you were the chosen one. I feel like Obi Wan Kenobi saying this, but I feel like I’m standing over you with your arms covered in lava and your torso laying five feet away from you as I type this.

A truly depressing Happy Halloween to you all. Go have some fun and forget that hockey even exists tonight. Make Mr. Mounds Bar pay for the Sabres’ lack of goal scoring and Myers’ Sophomore Slump!

But seriously, enjoy your psuedo-holiday. We can talk about hockey tomorrow.


  1. It never gets old. . . .

    I missed it the first time Stafford Jesus was posted – is there a story of where this picture came from? Will anyone admit to being at this party, taking this picture, or knowing who the two chicks are? It is awesome in every way, though the look Drew is giving indicates he’d still rather be playing Guitar Hero at home.

    • Brian,

      There’s no real story that I know of. A friend found the photo on someone’s Photobucket a few years ago and we’ve been posting it ever since. I’d love to know where it was taken. Maybe even from his UND days?

  2. Mike

    Is that tag a reference to Duggaween? If so, then well done sir. Well done.