All I Remember is Sitting Beside You

by Ryan

For those of you heading downtown tonight, I present to you your driving music for the evening.

It hit me while I was covering a football game earlier that the Sabres are going to unveil their Northeast Division Championship banner tonight, and I was surprised me how much that didn’t matter to me anymore. Putting new laundry up in the rafters is a good sign for sure, but I don’t feel bad about missing it at all.

The last time the Sabres put new banners up was the year they won the Presidents Trophy, and it was a very emotional scene. The team had lost players and didn’t make the playoffs that season, but at that first game there was a distinct sense of unfinished business among the fans and players. That “business” never got taken care of, though, and I wonder what that means in the long run.

Perhaps my lack of emotions is a good thing, then. The banner is symbolic of a good season that ended poorly. No “unfinished business” this time, just the plain truth that it wasn’t good enough.

One Comment

  1. The band at the P.I.T.P. played this. This is my favorite Hip song. Just sayin.