A Welcome Distraction

by Ryan

I have only seen one live Sabres game this season, and on the way out I saw this:

Of course I wish I got a better picture, but we were nearing the escalators and I was mulling over the loss to the Blackhawks. In any event, I tweeted at the time wondering if this was a jersey foul and got a few responses. Considering the current state of Sabres hockey, maybe this distraction will get us to tonight’s game against Atlanta.

So what do you think? Clever, or a pox on humanity?


  1. brian s.

    I wouldn’t wear it, and it probably is a huge jersey foul, but it’s still pretty awesome. The worst one I saw was at last year’s Calgary game where some guy had a flames jersey with the #84 and the name plate read “TIX SINCE” I wish I had a picture of that since it was so horrible.

  2. Sometimes jersey fouls are kind of cute. I definitely wouldn’t wear it, but I don’t think it’s a pox on humanity.

  3. Claire

    I saw this on Puck Daddy a couple of months ago…

    Unfortunately I haven’t been lucky enough to see it in person. I think he always wears the hat, too.