1. SueInVA

    Who was it that beat a fan with the fan’s own shoe?
    I think it was a Rangers/Bruins game from “back in the day”.

  2. kmine


    Perhaps the only thing I admire about Mike Milbury.

  3. Mike

    It was a Nordiques fan so it was a-ok. Back when I was a little kid, I never went to a Sabres Nordiques game where there wasn’t a huge melee of some sort and the fans were frequently involved (at least in the stands). Scuttlebutt around the Aud was that Nordiques coach Michel Bergeron had a reputation for trying to get his players to headhunt. Also, the Nordiques had Dale Hunter. A huge brawl would happen with the Sabres at least once a year. Now it never seems to.

  4. That’s a gorgeous mullet