I Think R.E.M Wrote Something About This…

by Ryan

I don’t know what to expect from the Bills anymore.

I would give you the usual gameday prep for today’s match up with the Chiefs, but I honestly don’t know what to expect from the Bills in Kansas City today. I think the Bills have a chance, which is something that I didn’t think last week but we all know how that ended.

What I think we will see is something that resembles competitive football, which is what any realist was hoping for from the Bills this season. I will be watching for growth from the offensive line and the receiving corps, and hope Ryan Fitzpatrick limits mistakes.

If you really want to think, my favorite bit of non-Sabres related writing is this piece from my visit to Washington back in August. The National Mall is beautiful, and I think yesterday’s rally adds an interesting bit of context to that post I didn’t expect.

In any event, Go Bills. I’ll be watching with Chris and I’m sure we will have things to say. We’ve never actually taken in a Bills game together, so this should be some fun.