When Buffalo Roamed Proud

by Ryan

I already wrote my sentimental piece yesterday, so let’s talk history. A co-worker posted this on his Facebook page, and it was too good to pass up: September 1, 1991.

Since I watched all 14:55 of this video, I have some thoughts:

I think the biggest reason the Bills/Dolphins rivalry has suffered recently is so obvious in this video: Dan Marino and Jim Kelly were really, really good. Marino was easy to hate because he was good, and the fact that neither team has had success or a decent quarterback since has really hurt that.

The Patriots are easy to hate because of Tom Brady and how good they have become. However, the Patriots aren’t our “true” rivals because they don’t care about us. Their “rival” is the Colts, and the story is always Brady vs. Peyton. It works both ways.

It’s not the lack of beer sales in the fourth quarter or any of those other lame excuses for the death of the rivalry, it’s simply because neither team has been all that great lately. A few players can make a team good, but quarterbacks make teams great. The Bills and Dolphins both lack a quarterback that makes either team great.

Chad Henne can go to hell, but I’ll always hate Dan Marino.

Listen to that crowd. God that sounds fun.

I loved Thurman Thomas before he got all crazy and started a Twitter account. The Bills of the last decade have NEVER had a threat down the field that could come out of the backfield like that. That may change this year, but what a refreshing thing that could be.

I like the post-extra point zoom on the back judge for the “it’s good” signal. They should bring that back.

If that doesn’t get you ready for football this weekend, you’re dead inside. Speaking of getting ready, what do you want to see from us on Sunday? Should we bring back the Gameday Prep or modify it a bit to try something new? Does anyone read us on Sundays?


  1. Sabresfan88

    Love gameday prep. +1 vote for that.

  2. i forgot how amazing it was to watch thurman in his prime. wow. and yeah, after the fifth tweet about his bowel movements i had to stop following him on twitter.

  3. brian s.

    I like the Gameday prep and even if I don’t get to it before the game eventually read it at some point on Sundays.

  4. jack

    the most amazing part of watching early 90s Bills games is that we had not one, but two great qbs.

    and look at us now

  5. Mike

    I like the way you did it last year. Holy crap Thurman was good. If he had done that in a Superbowl, we would have won a few.

  6. Thurman was the shit.
    Thurman is a piece of shit.