The Perks of Being a Soccer Fan

by Ryan

While most Buffalo sports fans are concerned about the new Sabres jerseys, I’ve been studying this bad boy:

Completely worth the ridiculous shipping charges to get it here. I know there isn’t much to say about a soccer jersey, but I have some thoughts:

Soccer jerseys are really, really comfortable. I’m not shaped like the ideal soccer player and it fits really well.

The material breathes really well, too. Nike says it took eight recycled plastic bottles to make it, and they put those bottles to good use.

It was totally worth the extra money to get it personalized. Getting the Barclays Premier League patches on the shoulders also added the little lions at the foot of each number, and the lettering itself is flocked. If it didn’t cost so much it would be downright delightful to sleep on. Instead, I’ll just wear it on Saturday mornings and drink Newcastle. Fair trade.

The best thing I’ve found with a soccer jersey is that it is the most wearable of the uniforms. Let me explain: I feel awkward in other sports jerseys. I only wear football or hockey jerseys when I’m going to games, and even wearing a baseball jersey feels uncomfortable unless it’s an important day. I’ve never even attempted to wear a basketball jersey, and I don’t plan on doing so anytime soon.

A soccer jersey, however, feels pretty normal to wear. It obviously costs a lot more than some shirt from the Gap, but it could be worn as a random shirt if need be. It’s comfortable, isn’t made to put shoulder pads underneath and looks pretty sweet, too.

That’s actually about it, I feel like I’m rambling. I’m just excited that I have something to wear the next time Arsenal takes to the pitch.

Hopefully Theo doesn’t go cold…