by Ryan

I went to training camp on Tuesday, but I honestly don’t have much to report. Camp was fun, but you can only learn so much going just once. If you want my take on camp, check out my appearance on Riter Radio yesterday. You should also give a listen to the last segment, where Nick Mendola outlines what might be the best fantasy league ever.

Still, what I’m excited about is tomorrow night’s Bills preseason game. If you forget what real football looks like, this is what the Bills looked like last year:

Mildly exciting I suppose. I have a feeling this season will have much more to offer. Well, I hope.


  1. ScottyMCSSProSportsDaily

    It was refreshing to see all of (ok well most of) the Bills running out of the gate healthy at the beginning of the ’09 season in that clip.

    Hopefully nothing breaks today.

  2. trevor

    ha, you fuckers always hope! 🙂