The Obstancy: Links, Mostly Translated into English

by Ryan

Just a few things to get you through the end of the weekend:

My friend Dean has an interesting writing site he just launched last week called Authors Unleashed. I’m pretty excited about it and plan on taking part. Give it a look and try it for yourself.

Rich showed this to me a few weeks ago and it kind of blew my mind. Bizarro world speeches are incredibly interesting.

This has been around the block a few times, but it always makes me laugh to see PBR cost so much. And you thought it was overrated here…

My copy of the Football Outsiders Almanac came in yesterday, but Buffalo Rumblings had the FO boys on the site for a few questions a few days ago. It was a good read, and it made me very excited about that visit by the UPS guy.

Speaking of Buffalo Rumblings, if you’re interested in Bills training camp news and you’re not following Brian Galliford and Matt Warren on Twitter, you’re missing out. Chris and I plan on hitting up camp sometime next week, but the Rumblings guys always seem to have something to report from camp. It’s a nice way to keep in touch with the team as camp progresses, and they also are fine young gentleman to chat with.

Speaking of camp, Adam Schefter was in Pittsford last week, but I enjoyed the SI report much, much better. It’s got a lot of stuff in there I didn’t know, plus I just don’t like Adam Schefter that much.

I’m pretty excited that Fabregas is staying with Arsenal this season, but this soccer story seems pretty ridiculous to me. But since we have socialized medicine on the way, Glenn Beck says we’re about two weeks away from this sort of sports atmosphere nationwide. Can’t wait.

The Red Sox season hasn’t exactly gone the way I’d have liked, but this story on Okajima might be the best one I’ve seen all year. Interesting stuff.

Recent Canisius grad Frank Turner is heading overseas to play basketball this fall. Thanks to Nick from It’s Always Game Seven, I also have the official release from the club in Holland, but the other link is a bit more readable.

Nick Mendola has had a busy week, writing gems like this and interviewing Tommy Wiseau, who was in Buffalo this weekend. I have to admit, I’m really bummed I missed seeing The Room with Wiseau in the house. I hear there were bobbleheads…

Oh, and Maxim Afinogenov is no longer playing in America. I debated talking about him a little bit, but I think I’ve already said my piece on Max.